Platform Integration

Run campaigns optimised for driving consideration and conversion, while building an audience on the platform.

Organiser Page

Organizers on the FACEIT platform are influential community members who have created their own sub-community. Organizers will run branded community competitions for their highly engaged followers. Multiple touchpoints through chat features, content creation, influencer engagement & prizing opportunities.

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FACEIT Missions is one of the most popular types of brand integrations. When selecting a branded mission, players have to complete in a series of in game tasks to win points, coupons and prizes. It is a perfect way to create a direct 1-on-1 interaction with your target customers, offer an experience that adds value to gamers and easily track customer conversions.

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Community Nights

Community Nights are ladder-style competitions where gamers sharpen their skills, improve their ranking and win prizes on dedicated nights of the week.Stay top of mind with gamers and become part of their nightly gaming routine. Reward gamers with prizes presented by your company.

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Create, promote and manage tournaments directly via the FACEIT platform. Tournament is where teams will compete for glory and prizes through a vast choice of games and format. Benefit from FACEIT admin to ensure a smooth experience and geo localize your activation to engage the most relevant competitive communities.

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